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Car Detailing Services

Speed Car Wassh is a company that will radically alter how people view car cleaning. This innovative mechanized automobile washing concept uses the most up-to-date machinery, such as high-pressure cleaning machines, spray injection and extraction machines, powerful vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, and others, to pamper cars. Speed car wassh detailing is always done by hand, and includes exterior and interior car detailing services.


Engine Degreaser & Coating

This treatment aims to give the engine parts, hoses, etc., a high gloss and slippery coating. This treatment’s main benefit is stopping the electrical wires and hoses from becoming bitten by rats so that a car parked for a while won’t experience such unfortunate occurrences. Gives surfaces a high-gloss, translucent sheen.

Excellent resistance to:
Road dirt + High Pressure Water + Petrol/Diesel + Engine Oil + Prevents Corrosion + Does not blister, crack, peel, or yellow + Easily washable


A.C. Treatment

This safeguard is intended to clean the air conditioning ducts and enhance air quality.

  • Cleaning the tubes and coils of the air conditioner cleans the ducts, inhibits mould growth
  • Eliminates all unwanted duct scents.
  • Enhances in-car air quality for the driver’s and passengers’ health

Descaling of Alloys & Tyre Treatment

The purpose of this treatment is to clean and safeguard alloy wheels. The protection of alloy wheels from brake dust and dirt is one of the main problems. This results in irreparable spider web cracks on the alloy wheels. In the process, the alloy wheels’ lustre and sheen are gone. This application aims to protect alloy wheels for the long term while also restoring the lost gloss.

  • Only routine washing is required following protection.
  • No requirement for costly alloy wheel cleaners
  • ┬áThere is no scaling or cracking of the alloy coating.
Car Detailing

Headlight Restoration

This procedure breathes fresh life into the headlight cover, greatly enhancing the visibility of headlights. It makes the glass free of all oxidation and hard water deposits, allowing the headlights to shine brightly.

  • Removes any hard water stains, dust, or grime from the glass.
  • It also removes any oxidation that has formed, allowing light to enter.
  • Enables safer nighttime driving
Upholstery Protection

Upholstery Protection

This procedure uses an exclusive chemical to clean the fabric thoroughly. This removes all the dirt, dust, and grime, even the toughest stains like chocolate, coffee, and tea. The surface cleaning aerosol dries rapidly, leaving no residue and freshening the interiors.

Carpets, interior vinyl, fabrics, plastics, rubber surfaces, and other items are cleaned and protected. Repairs leather seats and side cushioning by removing all stains and debris. Produces a realistic cloth colour that has a rich, natural appearance.

Windshield Treatment

Windshield Treatment

This is for cleaning and safeguarding car windshields. This process eliminates hard water stains and oxidation, and a thin layer of protection is created to provide good eyesight while driving at night and throughout the rainy season.

  • Increases driving safety and capability.
  • Dramatically increases visibility, safety, and comfort while driving in all conditions.
Leather Conditioning

Leather Conditioning

This procedure uses a specialized chemical to clean the leather thoroughly. This removes the mud, filth, grime, and tough stains from things like chocolate, coffee, tea, etc. Since the aerosol used to clean the surface dries rapidly, there are no unpleasant scents, and the interiors are kept fresh.

Protects and cleans carpets, interior vinyl, leather, plastic, rubber surfaces, and other materials. All filth is removed, and leather seats and facet cushioning are restored. Produces a natural leather colour that has a made-and-natural appearance.